The Hue Collective

The planning committee, known as the HUE Collective, consists of a team of creatives who have a desire to create a comfortable environment in which we take great care to share our expertise across various fields of design with wellness, outreach, and some fun thrown in there - we want each designer that comes to our summit to leave with new relationships, new insights, and a new community of people to work together to build our future.

6 trap music enthusiasts. 4 web developers. 3 vinyl collectors. 3 avid readers. A few UX tinkers. 2 typography lovers. 2 industrial designers. 2 full stack designers. 2 ATLiens. 1 mother. 1 poet. 1 father. Supporters of Diversity. Believers in community building. Believers in the future of the youth. All inspired by the creative works of our collective.