HUE Design Summit is organized by a collective of creative individuals who believe that in order for a community to flourish, there must first be a community. The summit returns this summer as a 4-day un-conference created for designers and developers of color, bringing curated conversations and workshops in an environment where we are given the space and tools necessary to advance in the ever changing world of technology.

We're curating our experience for:

Visual Designers

User Experience Designers

Industrial Designers

...but if you're in any other field and interested in design, please take part!


Join us this summer as we explore Design Heritage: Past, Present, and Future. What is it? How do we utilize it to grow? Professionals of color with specialties in digital marketing, user experience, virtual reality, product development and print design will share their career journeys, insight, and experiences.

The HUE Collective will discuss both the benefits of genuine social networking and community investment. Prepare to take part in topic-driven fireside chats about the impact of design education, networking, and nepotism. Band together for a local volunteer opportunity with emerging designers and wind down with a wellness activity or two. Prepare to absorb, inspire, and connect while you kickback and recharge with a community of like-minded developers and designers.

Agenda announcements are coming soon!



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